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Digital Finance LLC is an investment advisory firm that specializes in blockchain investments.

Based in the Washington, D.C., we serve high net worth individuals, family offices, and institutions all over the world.  

We provide investment consulting services in the area of cryptocurrency investments

and help our clients to get exposure to this new asset class.


Digital Finance LLC has strong expertise in blockchain technology, deep understanding of market

trends and extensive knowledge of crypto regulations. We help our clients to diversify their investment portfolio

by investing in cryptocurrencies and tokens and overcome many of the challenges typically faced

by investors when dealing with this new kind of asset class.


Digital Finance LLC is a fee-only financial advisor. We do not receive commissions from any institution 

or from the investments we recommend. We do not work for any brokerage firm when selecting products and services

for our clients so we do not have any conflicts of interest. Because of our unique approach to investing

we can offer personalized, high-quality service at reasonable rate.


Our team of investment professionals collectively brings decades of experience from leading

international banks and investment institutions. All our managers graduated from the best business schools worldwide.

We rely on our extensive network of blockchain industry relationships, as well as our reputation,

to help our clients to reach their financial goals.


If you want to request additional information or schedule a phone call,
please email us at info@digit.finance